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Processing Department

Processing department specializes in all kinds of processed food production, research and development, imported meat processing and marketing.
We have highly specialized OEM, ODM, R&D and marketing capabilities, which are individually responsible by the processing plant, R&D Room, laboratory, quality control department and the sells department.

  • Processing plant covers an area of 4300 square meters and about 200 processing members. We have HACCP and ISO2200 certificates. Has all kinds of food processing equipment, and are compliance with the international standards for food hygiene monitoring equipment and staff training. We are the modern food processing plant with government and international certificate.
  • R&D Room is responsible for the customized products, new flavors research, processing line improvement and new equipment development. Our research team has cooperated with the leading food process research university to ensure the core value and the innovation status.
  • Laboratory is responsible for all product testing and control, to ensure that any food is safe and secure.
  • Quality control department is responsible for the management of production quality, production efficiency, workers management. Enhance the production quality and quantity is the first priority of quality control department.