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Research and Development

Brothers Frozen Food committed in new product development and the research/introduce the new technology to gradually accumulated the core technology and competitiveness. The Brothers Frozen Food Lab has following four tasks:

  • New Product Development:
    Development the popular consumer products through the formulation design and the seasonings technology. Also, develop the competitive products with differences and uniqueness by taking the advantage of mastering the information and application of the additives,
  • New Technology Research:
    Continuous research for food technology, all kinds of food processing equipment and the production line improvement.
  • Quality Enhancement and Improvement:
    To Ensure the nutrition and the safety of the products, we have established the risk factors, the nutrients detection technology and a safety net for the raw material.
  • Control the Raw Material Technology and Reduce The Cost of Raw Material:
    On the cost control of the raw material, we specify the quality specification of the raw material from the technology perspective. Established the second supplier quality certification for all kinds of raw material and reduce the cost from cutting the price cartel and expand the bargaining space of procurement.